A Decentralized Meme Launchpad

Cockatiel Token is a community-driven DeFi project built on the Binance Smart Chain. The meme world has exploded in recent months. As Cockatiel Token family, we are stepping into the world of Memes. Apart from a meme token, our project will present great opportunities to Cockatiel Token holders by examining and researching upcoming projects and putting them on pre-sale on our own platform.

Contact: info@cockatieltoken.com


About Cockatiel

With the rapidly developing blockchain technology, this field is not without its problems. Cockatiel Token has an ecosystem that produces solutions to these problems. There are also negative situations in the blockchain industry. Scams are becoming more common with this trend. Cockatiel Token plans to eliminate these issues with its own launchpad. Our main goal in this protocol is to create opportunities for our users to feel safe with new projects with low fees and secure transactions.


There is an automatic LP tax feature in every transaction. The reason for this is that the price does not fluctuate much in large purchases or sales. By holding Cockatiel Token, you can earn a passive income due to the statics reward feature. In the long run, Cockatiel Token’s total supply will decrease and its value will increase because it has the feature of being burnt in every transaction.

Tier Levels

Tier 1

Guaranteed access
for IDO:
● For Tier 1, investors
need to stake at least $1000 worth of COCKATIEL in their wallet to qualify for the pre-sales.

Tier 2

Whitelist slot for
● Need to qualify for
whitelist and investors
need to stake at least
$100 worth of
COCKATIEL in their

Tier 3

Public sale for IDO:
● Public sale will be open to everyone after tier 1 and tier 2


Transaction Fees

Auto LP Generation (4%)

4% tax on each transaction is set aside to automatically generate liquidity inside PancakeSwap liquidity pools.

Static Rewards (2%)

Holders will receive tokens through a static reflection; every transaction will be taxed 2% and distributed to holders.

Burn (2%)

2% will automatically go to the burn wallet.

Token Distribution

Total Supply : 100 000 000 000

3.185 Billion Private presale
10.5 Billion Public presale
6.09 Billion Liquidity (Locked)
50.225 Billion Burn
10 Billion Team (Locked)
10 Billion Marketing, Partnership, Operation and Development (Unlocked)
10 Billion Staking pool reward allocation

Road Map

Stage 1

● Audit contract
● Website launch
● LitePaper launch
● Apply for CoinGecko 
● Apply for CoinMarketCap


Stage 2

● Launch 1 IDO
● Governance model
● Entertainment applications will be developed
● Secure new advisors
● Staking feature launched
● CoinMarketCap listing
● CoinGecko listing

Stage 3

● Launch 4 IDOs
● Exchange listings
● Expand launchpad partnerships
● Cockatiel TV application will be developed
● Community formation


Flappy Cockatiel

Our game called Flappy Cockatiel is for entertainment purposes only. When our staking platform is released, our investors will have the chance to win the $50 prize by breaking the record of the week in the game.

Cockatiel TV

Our mobile application named Cockatiel TV consists of two parts. Our news section offers a great opportunity for those who want to be updated about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. The other section will be a platform where new projects will be able to advertise themselves. In short, you can both learn about the current news about crypto and be aware of new projects. Our application is absolutely free and will not be paid in any way.

First you need to create a wallet. This wallet can be Metamask or Trust Wallet.

Secondly, you need to buy BNB from another exchanges. After buying it, you have to send it to your Metamask or Trust Wallet.

Thirdly, you need to connect your wallet with Pancakeswap.

Finally, you paste the contract address of Cockatiel Token, with a slippage of 8%


Decimals: 9



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